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Perm Chemical Company apply the following processes and methods in its production processes

Methods of synthesis:

Liquid- and gas- phase halogenation  (halogen exchange fluorination, liquid phase chlorination and bromination)

  • Gas-phase and liquid-phase halogenation (including fluoridation and liquid-phase chlorination and bromination)
  • Catalytic halloid exchange
  • Electro-chemical oxidation
  • Amination,
  • Nitration,
  • Liquid-phase and gas-phase hydrogenation and hydrodehalogenation,
  • Diazotization,
  • Dehalogenation,
  • Metal-complex catalysis processes;

Purification techniques

Low-temperature- , vacuum- , atmospheric rectification, high-pressure rectification of fine chemicals in quantities from one up to thousands kilogram depending on the Customer request

Cleaning methods:

  • Low temperature, vacuum, atmospheric rectification or pressurized rectification,
  • Adsorption cleaning,
  • Distillation,
  • Crystallization.

With own Quality Control Laboratory PCC is able to conduct the different analysis to keep stable high quality level regardless of the terms and volumes of production:

Own analytical laboratory:

  • Colorimetric analysis,
  • Titrimetric analysis,
  • Humidity test by Karl Fisher,
  • Ionic chromatography,
  • High performance liquid chromatography,
  • Gas chromatography,
  • Infrared spectroscopy,
  • Chromato-mass-spectrometric analyses.


  • NMR H1, С13 and F19
  • Thermogravimetric (TGA)
  • Elemental analysis.

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