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Products for pharmaceuticals

From 2012, LLC “Perm Chemical Company” specializes in industrial production of fine and specialty chemicals, research in the field of fluorinated organic compounds and customized synthesis for the needs of the pharmaceutical industry. Our main products are designed for synthesis of pharmaceutical drugs (intermediates and synthons), these are fluorinated aromatic and aliphatic compounds, halogenated non-fluorinated compounds.

Within the framework of the Federal Special-Purpose Program “Development of the Pharmaceutical and Medical Industry of the Russian Federation for the period till 2020 and in prospect”, LLC “PCC” produces, by orders of its strategic partners - the Russian companies, - intermediates of pharmaceutical substances of the following medical products:

  • Mezylate I - medication for treatment of chronic myeloid leukemia.
  • Xylometazoline - nazal medication.
  • Sevoflurane - inhalation anesthetic.
  • Anastrozole - cure for breast cancer.
  • Letrozole - cure for breast cancer.

LLC “PCC” also participates in development of synthesis methods and pre-clinical research of photoradiosensitizers based on fluorinated carboranyl chlorine for combined photoradiation therapy of melanoma.

In addition to the intermediates, LLC “PCC” produces and supplies the Russian market with and exports the following chemical goods for pharmaceuticals:

  • Pentafluorophenol - used in peptide synthesis;
  • Diamino-difluoropyridine - used for production of the newest fluoroquinolone antibiotics;
  • Bispentafluorophenyl carbonate - used as protective groups in the synthesis of pharmaceuticals.

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